Ananda Ghee

Ananda Ghee is a 100% butterfat golden ghee, which is flavorful and nutrient-rich. Containing butterfat, milk proteins and water, this is considered as a medicinal, sacred, nourishing and cleansing food. Free of lactose, this dairy product maintains the digestive health as well as ethnicity. This stands as a stable and unsaturated fat, which boasts bioavailable vitamin. According to Ayurveda, it plays an indispensable role in liver health, hormone balance, stamina and fertility. Ananda Pure Desi Ghee is the best dietary source of fatty acid & cholesterol and works as an optimal healing agent for the body, which brings relief in stress or inflammation.

Key Points :

  • Contains elusive nutrients and vitamin K2, which help in than transports calcium into your bones.
  • Includes a significant level of butyric acid, works as an anti-carcinogenic, it suppresses the growth of mammary tumor.
  • Proffered with incredible flavor.
  • Made from pure milk, it insures hygiene and health.

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