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Our History

Our company works with the noble initiative of helping India's farmers and consumers, our clear understanding of the versatile market helps understand our consumers and their lives. In our vast history spread over 30 years, our success has been helped by many events of the times like economic boom, change in consumer trends and preferences, advancement in machinery and milk production facilities. Here is a glance at our inspiring journey to the Dairy Milk Products giants we are today:

1989- The year of inception of Gopaljee Dairy Foods Private Limited and also the establishment of the Siyana factory.
-  The year, our brand Ananda was established.
2003-  This is the birth year of the "Ananda Group" and the incorporation of Ananda Agro Retail Business.
2004- This year marked the incorporation of Ananda Dairy Foods P. Ltd.
2008-  This was a big year in the history of company as we achieved a turnover of INR 100 Crores and also marked the birth of India brand and the subsequent takeover of Dairy India P. Ltd.
2009- Another big milestone reached by achieving an Annual Turnover of INR 200 Crores.
2011- Consistently growing and developing by achieving a turnover of INR 300 Crores.
2012-  It was an year of great development, it witnessed the transformation of Gopaljee to Ananda. We took a further step in the company's development by launching Ananda Express Paneer Salesforce in the Delhi/NCR region. This year also marked the launch of the brand and the product.
2014- Achieved a turnover of INR 700 Crores and launched Ananda Express in Lucknow.
2015- Launch of Ananda T-20 Tea.

Group Companies

Gopaljee Dairy Foods Private Limited is running its business under the visionary leadership of Mr. Radhe Shyam Dixit, a highly experienced campaigner in the Indian Dairy Industry with over 24 years of experience in various different roles in the organization. Mr Dixit who himself belongs to a farmer family and grew up facing numerous adversities in life, believes that farmers are the backbone of this country. He has a deep understanding and vast experience in corporate matters and was a guiding force in the creation and continued success of the Ananda brand. At present, Gopaljee Private Foods Limited consists of the following companies:-

  • Ananda Dairy Foods Pvt. Ltd. (Manufactuirng & Sales)
  • Ananda Agro Products Pvt. Ltd. (Retail Segment)
  • Dairy India Pvt. Ltd. (Manufacturing & Sales)
  • Libra Crafts Pvt. Ltd. (Real Estate business)
  • MDS Infra Projects Pvt. Ltd. (Real estate business)
  • Killa Financial Pvt. Ltd. (NBFC)

Our group of companies is rapidly growing at a rate of 20% as compared to the average 10% growth rate in the industry.

Our Strengths

We, Gopaljee Dairy Foods Private Limited, can confidently say that our company's superior milk procurement, production and quality is our biggest strength. We have a vast milk procurement network to provide customers with fresh, pure and nutritious products directly from the farm. We have network that reaches over 150,000 farmers in over 2,500 different Indian villages. We have over 25 chilling and storage facilities all over the country with the capacity to collect over 4 Lakh Liters of milk daily and the capacity to handle over 10 Lakh Liters of milk per day. We firmly believe that the biggest asset of organization is its employees, that is why, we are proud to say that our highly dedicated workforce of over 2800 people is the backbone of this company.

Awards and Recognitions



Best Dairy Product Award (2015)

Honorable Shripad Yesso Naik (Minister of State, Govt of India)

The World's Greatest Brand Award (2015) and The World's Greatest Leader Award (2015)

Dr. Essa Bastaki (President of University of Dubai & CEO of ICT Fund)

1st Prize Award for Best Presenter of Make in India and Most Visited Stall in IITF Fair (2015)

Smt. Neena Sharma (IAS), Commissioner & Director Industries, Industries Department (UP)

Make in UP Award (2015)

Central Minister Sh. Kalraj Mishra & Honorable Chief Minister Mr. Akhilesh Yadav

Make in India- Award of Excellence

Honorable Central Minister Sh. Kalraj Mishra & Great Hockey Player Sh. Dhanraj Pillai

Qualities and Safety Policies

Our Commitment

We judge our progress or standing in the market by the level of satisfaction of the customers that we serve. We are fully dedicated to bring to our customers only high quality milk and other Dairy Milk Products. We are ready to meet the need for international quality products for every Indian household.

Commitment to Quality

International standard quality is our organization's topmost priority, and we apply the same philosophy to the production of our range and other workings of the company.

Quality Policy

Our methods and processes to ensure high quality and safety of our products is governed by our Quality Policy document, which emphasizes our commitment to winning the trust and faith of our customers by consistently matching their expectations and preferences. All our products are manufactured adhering to the standard industry policy and guarantee 100% external and internal food safety. We have successfully adopted a policy, which means that everyone in our company is working with aœno-wastage policy.

Quality Management System

Our superior quality management system includes guidelines and methods which ensure that our products are of the highest quality in adherence with industry quality standards so as to provide customers with safe to eat highly nutritious Dairy Milk Products. Further, our quality management system is examined and verified by various independent certification bodies so as to maintain the high level of international standards, we have various ISO, national and state certifications.

Quality from Farm to Home

We have a vast history of incorporating farmers all over the rural areas in order to help them produce high quality products and adopting advanced methods of production. As a result of which, we have managed to raise the standard of living in various rural communities.. We have stringent quality assessment tests at every level of production. All the production practices right from procurement of milk is done under the supervision of experienced quality control managers who are guided by the strict policies laid down by the ISO 22000:2005 and Food and Safety Manual (HACCP). To ensure the superior quality of our products, they are put through a series of stringent tests for ensuring correct composition according to the BIS and AGMARK standards. Even at the procurement end, there are a number of quality tests and checks that the products have to go through before we deliver it to our customers. A number of standard checks are done to check for preservatives, neutralizers and adulterants. The Ananda Quality code has various non-negotiable standards of quality which our suppliers have to adhere to all times while continuing business with our organization.

Consumer Use

The superior packaging and labeling processes of our organization ensures that the customers are presented with all the necessary information on how to consume or store the product. This is done in order to ensure that all our products are used safely and maintain the highest level of quality throughout.

Consumer Services

Our well established customer service process ensures that we promptly reply to any question, query or concern. Further, all the labels of our products have our address and telephone number if any of our customers want to contact us.

Milk Procurement System

Milk Procurement System: the backbone of Fresh Dairy Products

We, Gopaljee Dairy Foods Private Limited, strive to provide only international quality dairy products to all our customers. One of the biggest factors for the success of our group has been the vast network of milk collection that we have in place. We procure our high quality milk directly from farmers in many villages all over India. Our vast network encompasses more than 1.5 Lakh farmers from over 2500 villages, with the help of 25 milk chilling centers (MCC). The milk collection is done twice daily, in order to maintain the freshness of the milk, it is then transported to the nearest MCC and is stored in refrigerated conditions before it is further sent for processing and packaging.

Village Level Collection Centre (VLCC)

In order to enable smooth and easy procurement of milk from the farmers, we appoint a village service provider (VSP) according to the recommendation of the farmers of respective villages. We install an automatic milk collection system in the village, and the VSP is given proper training. At the VLCC the milk brought in by every farmer is put through a series of tests to ensure highest quality, the rate per liter for the farmers is also calculated on the same. We have more than 300 procurement vans, which follows a particular route while adhering to a particular timetable for both morning and evening shifts

Automatic Milk Collection Unit (AMCU)

Our highly advanced AMCU plays a pivotal role in obtaining fresh and high quality milk from farmers in the villages. The AMCU consists of advanced range of equipments and technology for the measurement and quality checks of the milk procured. The Eco Analyser gives us information about the composition of the milk, the Data Processing unit calculates the amount of milk poured by the farmer. The introduction of the AMCU has made the daily milk related activities much easier as it provides a simple, automatic and fast solution for all record keeping and billing.

Milk Chilling Centre (MCC)

In order to maintain the freshness and superior quality of milk, we refrigerate the milk within a few hours of milking. We have fully dedicated Milk Chilling Centres (MCC) which cover a territory of 30 Kilometers around them. Once the milk arrives at the MCC, it is judged on the basis of several parameters. Once all the tests and checks are done in order to ensure superior quality, it is chilled and sent of for further processing.

Welfare Program for Farmers

We, at Gopaljee Dairy Foods Private Limited, employ a hands on approach when it comes to interacting with our farmers. We constantly strive to raise their standard of living through various welfare and developmental programs like:-

  • Farmer Development Program- We provide free veterinary and consultancy services for the cattle of all the farmers.
  • Infertility and Health Camp- We organize a camp in every village every six months for the check up of the animals.
  • Breed Improvement Program- We are involved in artificial insemination of the animals to improve the strength and quality of the animals.

Research, Innovation and Development

Our research and development wing is one of the major contributors in the massive success of our organization, milk offers endless possibilities for innovation to meet changing consumer preferences and nutritional needs. We understand that milk is not only a source of nutrition but also of pleasure, happiness and taste, and that is why we are constantly involved in the innovation of new products to delight our customers. Innovation has been one of the governing philosophies ever since our inception, and we have been dedicated to enhancing people's lives through our products. Our R&D guiding philosophy is to fulfil the nutritional needs of people all over India by providing the refreshing taste and goodness of Dairy Milk Products. Our R&D department focuses on the aspects of functional benefits of milk, daily nutrition,eating and drinking pleasure,etc. Behind our massive success is our highly dedicated team of scientists, engineers, nutritionists, customer care representatives, etc. who are constantly working hard to earn the customer's faith by delivering products of only international quality.

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