Fresh Dahi

We offer Ananda Fresh Dahi, which stay in great demand, particularly in summer season. This is utilized to make several Dahi dishes, which have their own importance from the health point of view. Used to make dahi bhalla, beet root raita, lassi, cucumber raita, bottle gourd raita, chapatis & dahi, pomegranate raita, shrikhand, vegetable salads, buttermilk, piyush etc, this is quite popular nutriment of northern India in summer season. Provided dairy product is bestowed with many health benefits and is also used as an beauty aid that can boost fair complexion. In some cases, Ananda Fresh Dahi is considered more beneficial than milk.

Key Points :

  • Provided with several important nutrients, it can be easily absorbed by the alimentary canal.
  • Helps the other food nutrients in getting absorbed in the digestive system.
  • Helps to make PH balance by maintaining the acidity as well as alkanity of the digestion procedure.
  • Assists in solving several stomach problems, provides relief from dysentery.

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