Fresh Paneer

Offered Ananda Fresh Paneer is the richest source of healthy nutrients and is really simple to prepare and digest. This is a high protein food, which is considered best for the body building. By and large, it is consumed on daily basis by the vegetarian people so as to fulfill the protein requirement of the body. Proffered with assorted health benefits, it is totally fresh and soft. This high protein food has a high level of phosphorus & calcium, which assists in making strong bones and teeth. Provided Ananda Fresh Paneer is also helpful in preventing various bones diseases such as joints pain, osteoporosis, and tooth problems like tooth decay and gums difficulties.

Key Points :

  • Stands as an energetic food that bestows instant energy after heavy exercises.
  • Fulfills the calorie requirement of the body and amends the growth as well as the bone-development.
  • Assists in fighting against rheumatoid arthritis as well as other bone problems.
  • Calcify the bones, prevents from the skeletal distortion, controls the blood pressure.

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