Fresh Milk

Provided Fresh Milk is enriched with several valuable nutrients and assists in promoting strong bones. Offered in raw form, it is completely fresh and tasty. Used to make butter, cheese, flavored milk etc, this nutritious drink is necessary for keeping a good health. Serving as an optimal source of calcium, it provides protection to the bodies.

Fresh Paneer

Provided Fresh Paneer is the the primal source of healthy nutrients and is easy to digest. Notable as a high protein food, it is used up on daily basis so as to fulfill the protein requirements of the body. Offered with various health benefits, this eatable is totally fresh. Offered high protein food is included with phosphorus & calcium, and provides strong bones and teeth.

Fresh Dahi

We deal in Fresh Dahi, which is the best accompaniment of parathas, khichdi, and various other dishes. Used to make cucumber raita, bottle gourd raita, dahi bhalla, shrikhand, vegetable salads, buttermilk, and several others, it is enriched with many health benefits. A bit more beneficial than milk, this is totally fresh and luscious.

Fresh Chhach

Provided Fresh Chhach works as an optimal cooling agent, which assists in the digestion. This yoghurt-based drink is healthy and delicious, and stands as an absolute perfect accompaniment to all meals. It stands as a great way to calm down the unbearable heat, reasoned by the acid reflux. Suitable to treat all types of irritation, the drinks assists in tackling the acidity.

Ananda Ghee

Ananda Ghee is the optimal dietary source of fatty acid and cholesterol. It functions as an optimum healing agent that proffers relief in stress or inflammation. Containing elusive nutrients as well as vitamin K2, it fulfills the deficiency of calcium and works as an best anti-carcinogenic. Provided with incredible flavors, it insures a toothsome taste.

Ananda Lassi

Provided Ananda Lassi is prepared with yoghurt, this drink is beneficial for pacifying the digestive area. It promotes digestive enzymes and assists in digestion as well as several other stomach problems. Working as a natural remedy, this thick, chromatic and luscious concoction, it is enriched with a sweet or gently spiced taste. The drink is included with protein, riboflavin, carbohydrates, calcium, Vitamin A, B etc.

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